Born and raised in Saskatchewan (Canada), I moved to Seoul in 2009. I spent 4 years as the only foreign English teacher in a Korean public school. In early 2014, I started working at Younghoon International Middle School as a math teacher. In 2016, I started working as a Middle/High School Technology Coach at the American International School of Guangzhou.

Being a young, female, STEAM oriented leader in the ed tech world allows me to bring a unique perspective to the international school community. I pride myself on bringing an unconventional vibe to the classroom that optimizes functional learning and encourages creativity. I’m big on implementing project-based learning and have worked in a 1:1 Macbook program with iPads available as needed.

Recently, I’ve been a part of a school wide¬†innovation initiative which focuses on STEAM education using an interdisciplinary approach to get core subject areas involved in learning innovation and design thinking. Through a dynamic new space designed¬†for 3D printing, coding, computer technologies, vinyl cutting, and robotics, all things related to the maker’s movement are blowing up at AISG.