3D Printing Cells in Science #STEAM

I worked on this project with a middle school teacher, Tami Cutter. We tested different software, she decided what students would be expected to do (each create a plant or animal cell, label it, and paint it). Then we co-taught the initial lesson where she focused on learning goals and I focused on technical abilities in 123D Design and Tinkercad. Students collaborated and helped each other problem solve when they didn’t know how to do something  (and neither did I!) like splitting a shape or taking our pieces of it. When they were done, students voted on the best two designs per class and  one of our IT support experts taught the kids how to use the printers. After they were printed, students worked together to paint the models.

Asking students to reflect on the project and debriefing with the teacher are important steps in the coaching process. Creating this culminating video not only gives us a unique artifact, but allows us to stop and think about the awesome work we achieved as a team and how much the students learned.


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