What is the Innovator’s Mindset? #IMMOOC

Reading George Couros’s book for the #IMMOOC, a lightbulb goes off. The process of failure is not the important part. It’s the characteristics of resiliency and grit that make true innovation happen.

I’ve been touting the process of failure all year, especially when it comes to the design process and learning how to use our new toys (especially the 3D printers). But like George says, no one remembers the hundreds or thousands of people who tried and failed at something, we remember the people who finally succeed.

Although embracing failure is a huge part of innovative designing and thinking we cannot let teachers or students stop there. The process is not complete until some form of success happens. That may look differently depending on the project, topic, or person, but a sense of accomplishment is the ultimate goal.

As an instructional coach, a huge challenge of the job is to get people to try new things. If they only try something new once and it fails, I might be out of a job pretty quickly. Being ready with a plan b, c, d, etc is a must. If not ready with a new plan, ready to meet again and hash out what went wrong and how it can be improved.

Furthermore, even if a project is successful it’s important to revisit the planning stage each year. Technology grows at such a rapid rate that if we don’t continually edit and revise what we are doing we will quickly become out of date.


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